Same Same but Different …
Orbiting the Subcontinent around Seven Motifs

Self published 2014 (Text|Photo|Layout), ISBN 978–1–32–004333–5

PROLOGUE: The Republic of India with it’s 1.2 billion inhabitants the worlds biggest democracy is a giant laboratory of the human kind. Set against a backdrop of epic scope and visual appeal she is simply to vast in extent and variety for being subdued under terms found easily. This book contains 354 photographic notes on that laboratory attempting to illuminate aspects of the state of the human condition in this great an grueling lands.

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Contributing Essay: Nawid ist weg. Ein Buch für einen umherirrenden Freund | Ed. Ernst Schmiederer

edition import/export 2019 | ISBN 978-3-903108-09-7

You can read my essay »Ein kafkaeskes Lehrstück in politisch-institutioneller Bösartigkeit« in German.