Nordic Summer Ball

Nordic Summer Ball 06 | 2019

On June 14th 2019 the Association Austria-Nordic Countries hosted its second Nordic Summer Ball in Palais Schönburg. The attendees were an intriguing mix composed of Scandinavian diplomats, members of the expat community and people from the sphere of Vienna University’s Institute for Scandinavian Studies. If one ever could observe nordic restraint at the event, it was gone at least when the evening turned into night. The opening coreography was performed to great and universal acclaim by Viennas Watzek Dancing School.

Preparatory briefings
The organising committee
Guests arriving
Waitresses waiting
The fairies arrive
More arrivals
Fairies dancing
The brigadier is convinced one simply has to reinforce the center
The opening choreography about to begin
The evening in full swing
A hypnotising attempt
Midnight performance
A wild polonaise in the basement discotheque
She fun, he work
Winner of the prize draw
At last the cake
Choir performance
Still at work