Maneuver Battalion

Maneuver Battalion Prizren | 2007

Between October 2006 and September 2007 I have did the first two of altogether four tours of duty in Prizren at the headquarters of Multinational Task Force South of NATOs Kosovo Force mission. I went basically because I was young and I needed the money. Apart from that I suspected rightly that in the isolation of a military camp I could do some reading and research for my masters thesis. Being initially assigned for another function I was quickly highjacked as an irregular staff photographer in the CO’s command group when it became clear that I could make use of a camera.

In September 2007, shortly before my tour of duty ended, I visited the different stations of the maneuver battalion attached to MNTF-S – the rapid reaction force to be deployed in the case of emergency, provided at the time by the German Bundeswehr – and asked some of them to stand for a portrait for me.

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