Artists and Artisans

Artists and Artisans

Christian Flora

In his Vienna studio (my only flash foto in 20 years) | 2018

The painter Christian Flora is an old friend and a former flatmate that I take photos of for twenty years. We are fellow Star Wars nerds (only the original trilogy of course) and are in accordance on many things cultural and other. The one significant exception is who would be Han Solo and who Chewbacca in the alternate Star Wars universe we both still long for to be in just for a little bit. Or Indiana Jones and Sallah respectively. Or chief Brody and the Shark … Check him out here, his work is technically impressive, insightful, and really fun to watch. Click to enlarge.

Nina Rike Springer

At the exhibition space | Zeppelin Museum | 2018

Another old friend of mine, Nina is into photography and animation and has the most accomplished fans of them all. You shoud definitely check her out here. The more recent portraits here were taken in 2018 in Friedrichshafen where Nina was nominated artist in residence at the Zeppelin Museum by the ZF Art Foundation. The old one was one of my first deliberate forays into portraiture, taken in the mid 2000s at the dining table of Ninas then flat. Click to enlarge.

Vinzenz Schüller

At his studio | Vienna | 2018

I neither know Vinzenz for a long time nor excepitionally well but he’s a genial guy, an impressive artist, a fellow Fujifilm camera afficionado and the only painter I know who is painting streetphotography. Apart from that he is a rock star … so what more do you need to hear to check him out here? Click to enlarge.

Fred Kobayashi

COVID-Vienna: The artist and fashion designer Fred Kobayashi wearing a haute couture facemask in his Showroom 2069. | April 2020
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